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The quality certificates endorse the good work of Mr. Carbono with its fashion accessories.

Certificado Calidad Veroya
Certificado Calidad Veroya

Mr. Carbono is quality, it is carbon fibre

If there is something for which Mr. Carbono can be described, it is the permanent pursuit of quality articles, namely the carbon fibre with which men's accessories are manufactured.

Certificado Calidad Fibra de Carbono

And what is carbon fibre precisely?

Carbon fibre is a synthetic fabric derived from oil that is born from the union of two materials. It is a fibre that is made up of fine carbon strands with a far lesser diameter to that of a human hair and which are mainly composed of carbon. It is a very expensive material due to its excellent properties. It is actually ten times tougher than steel and up to three times lighter.

Carbon fibre has been considered as the material that has revolutionized the automobile sector, but it is also defined as the most versatile element that the man has ever known, as it is present in many other industries such as the space and the wind ones, among others.

Resistance, elegance, lightness, innovation and quality define Mr. Carbono’s men's accessories.

Quality stands out at Mr. Carbono

All men's fashion accessories made with carbon fibre have a material with unbeatable features:

  • Five times stronger than steel,
  • ten times tougher,
  • three times lighter,
  • resists corrosion and temperature changes,
  • exclusive and innovative,
  • beneficial for the environment,
  • endless options for its customisation

Mr. Carbono is the Veroya’s young line. It stands out for having a collection of fashion accessories for demanding men, young men who like nothing better than quality and exclusiveness.

But why is Mr. Carbono a synonym to quality?

Carbon fibre is currently one of the most highly valued materials. So much is said about its extraordinary quality and its excellent features that many manufacturers use this designation as a guarantee to convey confidence to its public when what is actually being used in many cases is plastic. However, Mr. Carbono can really boast of using carbon fibre as its main material for its fashion accessories.

Its guarantee certificates that endorse the good practice of this recognised brand serve as proof for the above mentioned.

Mr. Carbono does stand out for producing exclusive men's wallets, men’s handbags both innovative and trailblazing, extremely light and tough leather wallets and durable accessories for men that resist temperature changes

And all this is manufactured in an artisanal way with carbon fibre of the highest quality.

Certificado Calidad MrCarbono

Certificado MrCarbono Veroya

Certificado MrCarbono Veroya

Mr. Carbono men's accessories, accessories for the entire life

Mr. Carbono's men's accessories are hand-made by our craftsmen. They are professionals with a high degree of qualification who will manufacture and customise your perfect accessory using material as tough as innovative, the carbon fibre.

Customisation is another element that defines Mr. Carbono. A wide range of leather of different finishes and diverse colours, a great variety of colours for the seams, as well as the engraving of your initials are some of the wonderful options that we offer you.

Certificado Calidad Veroya

Accessories for men Mr. Carbono, billfolds, wallets and handbags that will last you a lifetime.

Fashion leather accessories, affordable luxury items

Combining a noble material such as leather with a pioneering one like carbon fibre, creating designer wallets and luxury handbags as well as developing fashion accessories for both demanding and confident men who are not afraid of making mistakes is not an easy task. It is rather the reason why Mr. Carbono has achieved excellence.

But this is no surprise: when a material as tough, light, durable and innovative as the carbon fibre is joined with another one as versatile, functional and aesthetically attractive as leather, the result cannot be any different but an exclusive accessory for man, a Mr. Carbono accessory for a lifetime.

Keeping your cards and bills with style, proudly carrying a designer wallet produced in an artisanal way and with one of the most highly valued noble materials in the market besides having the possibility to customise it, being able to choose every detail so that it can be authentic and have your own personal mark is an affordable luxury now.

Because that’s what Mr. Carbono is, a luxury within reach of all budgets.

You don’t need Mr. Carbono. You just crave for it.