Marca MrCarbono


Mr. Carbono is the Veroya’s young line, a Spanish fashion accessories brand within the reach of all: leather handbags, designed wallets and leather wallets dedicated to today's man, to a man who pays attention to the most minute details because he finds in them the exclusivity he is looking for.

Mr. Carbono has become a benchmark in the men's accessories industry. It has achieved this thanks to the firm values it stands out for. The quality of the carbon fibre with which wallets, handbags, billfolds and even men's belts are made, in addition to its modern and innovative designs, create an accessories collection that is capable of drawing everyone’s attention. Because both exclusivity and authenticity become apparent at Mr. Carbono, since each piece is made in a traditional way in Spain and each detail accounts for its creation.

Veroya’s young line was established by José Antonio who, with more than 35 years of experience in the leather sector, keeps alive the desire to continue making progress and innovating with novel materials and designs.


Mr. Carbono is a symbol of excellence, it is the perfect example of how constant work can provide results of the highest quality.

The young Verónica’s passion for art has given her the opportunity to collaborate in the line of Mr. Carbono men's accessories, a fresh and youthful collection for today's men.

Verónica and José Antonio form the perfect duo to create a brand as representative and as avant-garde for those men who seek excellence and exclusivity. For both of them, the commitment towards continuous progress is a priority.

The pieces of the Mr. Carbono’s collection are inspired by men who are not afraid of making mistakes, those self-confident men who are looking for quality. Because these are exactly this brand’s signs of identity: innovation, quality and freshness, accompanied by an accurate craftsmanship.

Mr. Carbono, the quality made excellence.

"Comfort, elegance, pursuit of perfection in each and every detail, craftsmanship and authenticity are just some of Mr. Carbono's identity signs."
Marca MrCarbono